FUCKING CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Big Bait & Switch Con

If you have this insurance you are being RIPPED OFF - they pay for NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Piece of crap Combat Dirty softball bat will only last for about 100 swings.
Worst hosting provider on the Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Big Bait & Switch Con

GoDaddy gave Web developers worldwide a big F-you on the Fourth of July this year by suspending all their free hosting accounts originally earned as part of the purchasing agreement with GoDaddy when registering a new domain name with them. Apparently, now that GoDaddy is owned by a multi-national corporate conglomerate all they care about is squeezing Web developers for every penny they have. GoDaddy claims that because Microsoft no longer supports the OS running on their Web servers that somehow that negates their agreement to Web developers. If you buy that, we have some land in Brooklyn you might be interested in. Apparently GoDaddy is unfamiliar with the process of upgrading a server’s operating system – a technical challenge of awe inspiring proportions; lol.

GoDaddy used to be a good hosting company and domain registrar back in the day when it was still owned by founder Bob Parsons, but now, ever since a multi-national conglomerate took over GoDaddy they have been continually increasing prices while decreasing free services. The final punch in the gut coming Saturday on the Fourth of July when GoDaddy shutdown all free Web hosting and database services without any prior notice. All attempts to reach GoDaddy for an explanation have been futile including waiting over an hour on their customer service chat line while the screen read the estimated wait was 1 to zero minutes.

All good things must come to an end and so shall the relationship between Web developers, who made GoDaddy wealthy, and the all mighty multi-national corporation who has only one pursuit in life – greed. Since it is now blatantly obvious that GoDaddy no longer has any respect for Web developers, Web developers should reciprocate in spades. If you are a Web developer who lost your free Web hosting from GoDaddy on their July 4th ambush or a new Web developer just starting out, here is a list of some of the better Web hosting alternatives available: Google Cloud Services, Windows Azure, Amazon Web Hosting, iPage, bluehost, HostGator, and SiteBuilder.

Piece of crap Combat Dirty softball bat will only last for about 100 swings.
Piece of crap Combat Dirty Senior softball bat will only last for about 100 swings.

Combat Dirty Bat - NO WARRANTY - only lasts for about 100 swings

The latest piece of crap to come out of Canada since they unleashed Justin Bieber on us, is the Combat Dirty Senior softball bat. On sale this fucking bat is $160, the guy at Combat says "that's cheap" and that is why they don't warranty them. Truth is they know they're bats are pieces of shit made from inferior materials. In my case the handle fell off after playing about 10 games. Time to put a stop to these crooks who prey on senior Americans. DON'T BUY ANY COMBAT BATS ever agian. Let's out these fuckers out-of-business!!!

Kitchen Aide the crappiest products on the planet!!!!

The Worst Crap You'll Ever Own!!!

 NEVER EVER buy products made by Kitchen Aid. We did and have regreted it ever since. We have a $3500 refridgerator that doesn't make ice and a $1400 dishwasher which requires the dishes to be washed by hand after it's run. Today, after only two years of use on a once per week basis the spring on the door broke. Do me a favor if you know any Kitchen Aid salesmen please strangle their ass for me. Or, if you are a terrorist reading this please direct your nuclear attacks at the Kithcen Aid plant - it's in the state of Michigan.

Sony CDs Have DRM That Open Your Computer to Viruses!!!

Sony music CDs Pose Computer Security Risks! Sony's Digital Rights Management (DRM) software known as "eXtended Copy Protection" (XCP) and licensed from British company First4Internet.com was designed to limit a CD purchaser's ability to play and copy the CD wherever and whenever they want. As it turns out it additionally installs undisclosed files onto your computer that put it a risk to viruses. See these sites for more detailed information: SysInternals & The Register.

Kitchen Aide products SUCK!!!!!!


These guys make the Mafia look like choir boys. I used to use Nextel as my cellular service provider and never had any problems except for lack of signal coverage in some areas. Once Sprint bought Nextel some friends of mine switched to Sprint and so (after cringing) I switched as well to take advantage of the free calling between Sprint customers.

So what puts them at the top of the list at BigRipOffs.com? For starters there's the hidden $36 activation charges. I was told in the Sprint Store that they were having a promotion and that the activation fees had been waived. The contract I signed even has a line drawn thru the box for the activation fee. Yet, on my first months bill there is a charge of $72 for two phones activation (I bought a phone for my wife too). Then there's the $70/month "Fair & Flexible Plan with Night Minutes". When you look at the invoice they give you at the "Sprint Store" it says $70/month (same on their web site), but they bill you at a rate of $95/month.

Also I purchased the Sprint cellular service and 2 new phones on June 22, 2005, at the same time I purchased some accessories (Bluetooth headset, etc.) which they billed to my charge card at that time. Today it is July 27, 2005 and I still have yet to receive my additionally purchased items. On top of that I called the Canyon Springs Spint Store (where I bought the phone) to see why my order hadn't been fulfilled yet, the customer service rep informed me that I would have to come down to the store to make my inquiry as he was too busy to help me over the phone. When you go to the store (I've been back 5 times in the last three months) there is always atleast a 30-minute wait. And if you try another route like actually calling Sprint customer service and complaining, they disavow all responsibility for what goes on in THEIR STORES and aren't willing to provide you with any assistance in resolving the issue. I've never experienced a more frustrating experience in corporate America than when dealing with this bunch of assholes.

And here's the final incredulous event: This morning, Wednesday, July 27, 2005 I get an 8 A.M. call from Sprint saying that I owe them $260. "For WHAT?" I asked, "I haven't even received a bill yet." The on phone sales rep of course had no clue. "Let me look it up" she says. 20 minutes later I got tired of waiting for a response and hung up the phone. A few minutes later I grab my cell phone to make a call and my service has been turned off. Remember I've only had this phone/service for a total of 35 days and had used maybe 20 or 30 minutes of calling time (I'm paying for 800 minutes/month). Even though I haven't received a bill yet I was able to view my invoice on the Sprint web site, where I quickly recognized that even though my account information online list my correct mailing address their invoice was being mailed to an address I haven't lived at in three years. How the hell they got that address we'll never know.

Obviously Sprint is run by a bunch of crooks posing as idiots (or perhaps they're both). Here is Sprint's tool-free number: 1-800-480-4727. Do like I did and set up your computer's phone modem to dial it every minute between the hours of midnight and 6 A.M., or during regular business hours if you have an extra phone line.


Sony Teams Up with Chase for the “CON OF THE CENTURY”

They call it the "Sony Card" and offer you 0% interest for one year. The reality is the card is backed by Chase Bank one of the biggest financial scammers on the planet. Chase Bank's usual modus operandi is to target foreigners and seniors citizens (see this link: http://clarkhoward.com/shownotes/category/6/23/178/ and read the story: "Jul 15, 2005 -- California state attorney sues Chase Bank" also: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/ripoff167156.htm); now they are targeting unsuspecting consumers under the Sony name. Endorsed by Sony, Chase offers consumers a 0% interest credit card, which sounds great right? Wrong, the scam is that your interest will increase to 29.9% if any of your monthly payments are late. "But," you say "I always pay on time." Well so do I and so did I. However, the month after I made a couple of large purchases on the card Chase mysteriously lost my next month's payment. After getting my next statement in the mail, and seeing my payment wasn't credited, I called their customer service department I was told that I had to make the "late payment" and the current month's payment before they would even consider fixing the problem - THEIR ERROR. So I complied by making both payments that day, well in advance (nearly four weeks) before the next month's payment due date. When I again called customer service to get the problem resolved I was given the runaround by one of their minimum wage customer service reps. I'm guessing they must get thousands of these calls each day based on the pat answers I was getting to every argument I threw at the rep. I even offered to fax them a copy of my check registry as proof. Continually I got the response, "there is nothing I can do to help you." Needless to say I paid off the card and closed the account; but I feel sorry for those who can't afford to do that and get stuck for nearly 30% interest for who knows how many months. At that rate, some may find themselves eternally indebted to these scammers. Warn everyone you know; send this story to all of your email buddies!!!

Celebrity Foods - a Big Rip Off!!!

Terrible food!!!!
Undisclosed Prices!!!!
High Pressure Sales!!!
And an $800 Freezer for $2700!!!

Celebrity Prime Foods - Watch out for this scam appearing at Home & Trade Show booths near you. They start by wasting four hours of your time when their sales representative shows up at your door to "consult" with you about your dietary needs. Then the "Professional Food Consultant" (more like professional scam artist) makes a "professional evaluation" of your current weekly food consumption and makes up a six-month food order for you based on their "expertise", which in reality is a ton more food than you'll ever eat in a year much less six months. Then "for your protection" they have you sign a "Price Guarantee" contract - that's where the real scam comes in. True they are guaranteeing you that if the price of their crappy food should increase you'll only get ripped off at the same rate you did before; but actually they are forcing you to buy a second order of their food within six months so that after you've experienced how bad their food really is you're still contractually obligated to buy "six months" more crappy food that will take you forever to eat - of course you could always just throw it into a dumpster.

We don't expect you to take our word for it - ask around! Find somebody, anybody, who has ever had the unfortunate experience of inviting one of these sharks into their home and ask them their opinion. Since being ripped off by Celebrity Foods we started asking around; and hind sight being 20/20 we sure wish we would have done the research on this company first, before making an appointment to meet with one of their lecherous sales people. The Internet is full of horror stories from others who have been ripped off buy Celebrity Foods, check out these links: David Horowitz - Fight Back, Rip-Off Report.com, Parent/Baby Center, Complaint Registered w/ Calif. Attorney General's office, Well documented complaint from another Calif. resident, Yet another website with complaints

There is someone who would like to here about your Celbrity Foods horror stories. Just click on this link for a complaint form.